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Perfume for FABRICS of our PINKOCO line of 500 ml SPRAY.

It does not stain, it can also be used as water for ironing.

Let yourself be inspired by our fragrances.

500 ml

NUMBER 1: Magnolia and tuberose

It envelops you with the sweetness of the scent of fresh petals.
Enriched with magnolia and peach blossoms.
Soft and sensual.

NUMBER 2: Grapefruit and citrus

A sea of grapefruits.
A cascade of juicy oranges ripened in the Sicilian sun crossing a whirlwind of lemon blossoms.

NUMBER 3: Pepper and bark

A night walk in the green woods after a summer storm.
Masculine, breathtaking, exciting and mysterious.
With a precious touch of incense and black pepper.

NUMBER 4: Lotus flower

The lightness of spring.

Pure and decisive.
Hundreds of layers of cherry, peach and ylang ylang blossoms sprinkled with delicate bergamot.

Perfumes for SPRAY fabrics

19,00 €Price
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