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Intensive treatment. Intensely moisturizes the eye contour area, with a lifting, filling and decongestant effect. The visible part in gold does not let the serum evaporate, making it so that it is absorbed by the skin in its entirety. The skin around the eyes immediately appears smooth and more toned.

It is advisable, before use, to leave it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

How to use: Apply to cleansed face. Take out the patches and place them on the lower eye contour. Leave on for 20 minutes, then remove and allow the excess product to be absorbed with a light massage.

Functional Ingredients:

Acmella of Extract (acmella oleracea extract): Extract of flowers and stems Acmella oleracea titrated spilanthol, used in cosmetics as miorilassane and to stimulate, reorganize and strengthen the collagen lattice.

Thanks to a muscle relaxant mechanism, which slows down these micro-contractions, the Acmella oleracea extract performs an effective action on expression lines. The effect of Acmella oleracea on the collagen network also allows to firm the skin by counteracting the loss of tone.

Acetyl octapeptide-3: This is the latest discovery in the field of botox-like peptides. The relaxing action is guaranteed by the inhibitory effect on the release of acetylcholine, due to the competition action with the SNARE complex, a protein system for activating the release of acetylcholine from intraneuronal vesicles.

Applied topically, therefore, it significantly reduces the contraction of the facial muscles, responsible for the formation of wrinkles around the eyes.

GOLD eye patch

PriceFrom €5.00
  • Trattamento intensivo. Idrata intensamente la zona del contorno occhi, con effetto liftante,riempitivo e decongestionante. La parte visibile in oro, non lascia evaporare il siero, facendo in modo che venga assorbito dalla pelle nella sua totalità. La pelle del contorno occhi appare subito liscia e più tonica.Si consiglia, prima dell'utilizzo, lasciarla in frigorifero per almeno 2 ore. 

    Modo d’uso: Applicare sul viso pulito. Estrarre i patches e posizionarli sul contorno occhi inferiore. Tempo di posa almeno 20 minuti, poi rimuovere e far assorbire il prodotto in eccesso con un leggero massaggio.

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